Enter into a new chapter of 'taste'
Enter into a new chapter of 'taste'



FW Collections (19' ~ 20')

MAMA CASAR presents a sensational playground for new modes. 

shape6 is a motif of a split ring that connects independent elements into one. 

Meet another label of ‘taste’ that we have created.

This line of collection depicts ordinary objects in an unusual context which exhibits the value of exclusiveness. 

 Never monotonous, but beholds witty existence that no one has ever experienced before. 

Meet that brilliant moment presented by MAMA CASAR, tongs collection. 

Brand Story


dedicated to and enthused about 

new ideas, attempts, and optimistic lifestyle. 

 We pursue unrestrained practical brand style; 

put value on satisfying both 

design sensitivity and the quality of our jewelry.

FW Collections (18' ~ 19')

Forget the gender boundaries for a moment. 

‘Grip’ is focused on individualistic taste. 

 It's our brand’s signature line that draws the ideology of embracing diversity.  

MAMA CASAR’s signature line, Re-co’de, reinterprets the coin unit of Puerta Del Sol in Madrid, Spain. 

Embraces a broad range of styles from luxury to street wear. 

MAMA CASAR, Jewelry with full of twists 

 Unrestrained but practical,

 Unique, but superior

Rebellious but mutinous